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5 Tips on How To Buy a Suit

Here are few things that can help you when considering how to buy suit. We’ve teamed each section with an example from our Herbie Frogg range. This will give you an idea of what to look for in a suit.

How to buy a suit - Herbie Frogg shirt Selection

Men’s Formal Wear Tips: How to Tie a Tie

We’ve all been there. In front of the mirror, cursing ourselves because we don’t know how to tie a tie. Each attempt resulting in another amateur looking knot that wouldn’t be out of place on the rigging of a boat.

Does Going the Extra Mile Suit You?

When it comes to weddings, you would drive to the ends of the earth to find the perfect wedding dress. Would you look for a suit hire in Havant if you were from Chichester?

Suit hire in havant astares

Astares local suit hire fitting help

The Perfect Fitting Suit from your Local Suit Hire

As a passionate local suit hire business there is only one thing that makes us mad: a bad fitting suit! Have you experienced a suit that doesn’t fit well? One that is too tight in places and baggy in others. Did you spend a fortune on hiring or buying the suit, only to discover that is […]

Photograph of a man in Royal Ascot morning suit and woman in a blue dress and hat

3 Helpful Hints to Royal Ascot Suit Hire

Royal Ascot is the diamond in the crown of the horse racing calendar. For five glorious days, Ascot Racecourse brings together racing, entertainment, food and of course fashion. Which means dressing to impress! When it comes to stylish, memorable men’s formal wear, Astares is here to help. Not only do we have a great understanding […]

Managing your entourage!

It’s a tricky thing, keeping everyone happy! A topic of constant amusement and fun in the Astares studio is the different approach and expectations that the bride and groom have towards the process of choosing their outfits for the big day. And of course, not only is there the bride and groom themselves to consider, […]

bride and groom's feet. closeup.

Beautiful wedding photos from a happy customer!

I love nothing more than hearing about the weddings of groom’s I’ve helped dress for the occasion! The only thing that tops it is seeing the amazing professional photographs of the special day. Recently, a groom kindly sent me a selection of photographs of his wedding day, which took place in late summer last year. The […]

a photograph of three men wearing wedding Slim fit tailcoat suits standing by a red wedding car

A photograph of a man wearing a dark grey suit adjusting his tie

Top 4 advantages of hiring men’s formal wear

Hiring: The smart choice when it comes to formal wear! There are so many reasons why choosing to hire a formal wear garment is preferable to buying one, so we thought we’d highlight a few of them for you, just in case you’re in two minds!   Problem               […]