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Made To Measure, Made For You!

‘It fits like a glove!’

This is a phrase we’re all familiar with, but how often do we actually find ourselves saying it?

Historically, ‘made-to-measure’ suits were the exclusive luxury of the social elite, representing such a huge financial outlay that only the very richest could afford them. But, happily, times have changed and you can now enjoy the made-to-measure experience at an affordable price!

Over the last few years, an increasing number of online and brick ‘n’ mortar retailers have started to offer a made-to-measure service. It’s a well known fact that once a gentleman has experienced the feel of a made-to-measure suit, it’s hard to embrace an off-the-shelf alternative.

The fit really is like no other… a second, stylish skin!

So what are the benefits of a made-to-measure suit?

Well, for starters, it offers a distinguished, elegant look with a twist of personal flair. If you want to make a statement, a made-to-measure suit can be subtle or flamboyant – whatever you need it to be! If you want to feel unique, stylish and trendsetting, a made-to-measure suit is for you.

Compared to its off-the-shelf counterpart, a made-to-measure suit offers great freedom and takes away the often exasperating experience of an imperfect fit. Because each made-to-measure suit is crafted to fit your specific body shape, you can be sure that every inch of it will hug your contours and provide maximum comfort and confidence.

The other major benefit to a made-to-measure suit is quality.

You just can’t beat it. If the quality and feel of a suit matters to you, then you will never regret opting for a made-to-measure suit.
Although the average cost of a made-to-measure suit is (understandably) higher than an off-the-shelf alternative, never has the phrase ‘you get what you pay for’ been more relevant.

There are 3 key elements that you are paying for when you purchase a made-to-measure-fits-like-a-glove suit are:

  1. The Customised Fit
  2. The Materials and Fabrics
  3. The Process

All three of these elements ensure that you get the best fit, the best shopping experience, the best customer satisfaction…and the best comments!
Of course, as with anything, it’s important to do your research. Many online companies profess to offer the made-to-measure experience, but fall down when it comes to delivering the standard of fit demanded of many gentleman. It is often prudent to go into a shop, meet the expert, explain your requirements, discuss your options and get the best advice you can.

Buying a made-to-measure suit should be an exciting, inspiring and ultimately rewarding experience. This is never more important than when it’s your wedding suit.

Here at Astares, we can guarantee you a fabulous experience! We specialise in made-to-measure wedding suits,. With expert advice, passion and outstanding customer service, we’d be delighted to help you discover your dream suit!

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