5 Tips on How To Buy a Suit

Every man should know how to buy a suit.

It’s essential knowledge to learn, just as important as how to build your own spice rack.

We at Astares were not satisfied with being the No.1 local suit hire experts. We want to be there for those people who don’t know how to buy a suit. So,we took it upon ourselves to stock the stylish menswear brand Herbie Frogg.

Here are a few things that can help you when considering how to buy suit. We’ve teamed each section with an example from our Herbie Frogg range. This will give you an idea of what to look for in a suit.

1. When you buy a suit, GET FITTED!

It is a lifetime investment which takes a lot of consideration.

Getting fitted will ensure the suit looks and (more importantly) feels good. Whether it’s your first suit or you’re investing in a new one being, a correct fit will mean money well spent.

The fit of a suit will mean comfort. It will guarantee the garment fits your body shape.

Our range of Herbie Frogg suits are designed and tailored to be a great fit.


2. What type of Suit to buy

There are four main type of suits.How to buy a suit - Herbie Frogg Selection


This a fashionable option. With a tidy fit and lean waistline this suit works well for tall and and slim builds.


A slim suit isn’t just for slim guys. The cut and silhouette of the suit creates a trim waistline with a slim hemline down the leg.


The tailored fit is adaptable and wearable for all occasions. It has a close fit and works well for most builds.


This suit has a more relaxed fit made for comfort. It is the type of suit for wearing everyday.

3. Down to the Details

There are many choices when it comes to the details of your new suit. Button holes, fabrics and lapels to name a few. If you don’t know how to buy a suit it helps to talk to someone who does. We love talking suits, so pop on down for a chat anytime.

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Considering the purpose of your suit will help guide your choice. More durable fabrics like wool blends work best for business suits.

Whereas, occasion wear suits benefit from a more luxurious fabric like mohair. The finer materials don’t last as long, but you won’t be wearing the suit as much.

We stock shirts, shoes, ties and handkerchiefs so we have everything covered down to the last detail!

4. Care for Your Suit

To keep the suit (and therefore you) looking its best follow these care steps:

Use wooden hangers

This will help to keep the shape of the suit. Never hang your suit on the back of your chair as it will ruin the lines in the jacket.

Dry Clean only when necessary

To many trips to the dry cleaners will break down the fabric over time. Using a traditional clothes brush or roller will keep the suit looking healthy and free of dirt. Plus it will save the pennies!

Storing you suit

A well ventilated suit bag will ensure the suit doesn’t become musty.

Daily wear, try two suits

If you wear your suit daily, it may be worth buying two. By alternating between the suits it gives the material time to breathe and crease to ease out. It will give each suit longevity and mat save you money in the long run.

5. Come Along and Try

There aren’t many better feelings than a new suit. There are countless options of suits to choose from and this guide is a small sample of the service we provide in store.

In our studio you are welcome to try on all the suits you wish. We have an extensive range of Herbie Frogg suits and are always on hand to help you chose a suit to buy.