Free Consultation

We’re incredibly proud of the reputation we’ve built for exceptional customer service and experience. We believe this reputation reflects our absolute commitment to delivering enjoyable, attentive, one-to-one consultations.

These consultations are free!

Wedding Consultations

When it comes to your wedding, we understand there is a lot more than just choosing a suit. Our video explains more about our service to you.

By appointment only

So that we can ensure every customer leaves us feeling they’ve had a successful, inspiring and enjoyable experience, we operate exclusively on an one-to-one appointment only basis.This allows us to always deliver the best customer experience and is always with one of our personal stylist experts. It means that you have our full, undivided attention and feel relaxed. To us, this is what great customer service means and we believe every customer deserves it.

Free Suit Consultation

As our shop is open for appointments only, we differ slightly from the standard ‘drop in’ retail experience. For us, and our lovely customers, this supports our ‘customer first’ principles. It means no interruptions, distractions or privacy issues. Win win!So, if you are thinking about visiting us, please contact us
to book your free consultation appointment. Why not try our online booking system using the link below for the most up to date availability. We look forward to meeting you!