Are three piece suits in fashion?

You bet they are!

Why buy a three piece suit?

We can all agree that buying a decent suit is a real financial investment, so it’s important that you feel great and get regular wear out of it! 

When you buy a three piece suit, you’re investing in more than a suit, you’re investing in a versatile suit that offers an array of different outfits. And that’s the key to this, think outfits, not just a single suit option! 

We’re here to encourage you to discover new, exciting ways to enhance your wardrobe and feel your best. Forget saving your precious suit for those once-in-a-while occasions. If you’re spending your hard earned money on a fabulous three piece suit, you should be finding every opportunity to be wearing all, or part of it!

When to wear a three piece suit

So here’s the thing…there’s a common misconception that three piece suits should be kept tucked away for only the most special occasion, but this, friends, is a lie! There are countless opportunities to get the most out of a three piece suit.

Think outfits, not a single suit option.

Thinking like this is a game changer: your three piece suit represents outfit options.

Just think about it, there are so many chances to enjoy your three piece suit: an evening out with friends, a night down the pub, a lovely trip to the theatre, the list goes on…but wait! Before you roll your eyes and mutter, ‘I’m not going to rock up at the pub in a full three piece suit…’, relax, we’re not suggesting you do. 

The beauty of a three piece suit is that is, as the name suggests, has three parts. You have the trousers, waistcoat and jacket. Trousers, waistcoat and jacket. See? Right there! You have three different elements to wear. You can choose to wear them together as a three piece suit or you can team the individual elements with a favourite pair of jeans and a pair of Chelsea Boots. 

When to wear a three piece suit

Do you already own a three piece suit that you wear to work regularly? If so, do you hang the jacket on the back of your chair for most of the day? The trousers and waistcoat get more wear than the jacket, so why not bring the jacket out more often in your personal life? Break the suit up and team the jacket with a pair of well cut jeans and brogue boots…Bam! A whole new outfit!

The ultimate three piece suit approach

Now, for those of you who are really serious about having a wardrobe to suit every occasion, we’ll let you in on a trade secret. 

Firstly, it’s a serious investment. But! It’ll be worth every penny when you enjoy the feeling of knowing that whatever crops up, you’ll be stepping out in style and looking your best.

Why buy a three piece suit

So, here’s the secret: Buy two three piece suits. If you can afford to, we always encourage clients to buy two. The reason is, it opens up six options to choose from. You can mix up both suits, wearing the waistcoat from one with the trousers of the other, or the jacket from one with the waistcoat of the other…you get the idea! And then of course you can wear the various elements with other wardrobe staples like jeans, shirts and a dapper pair of shoes or boots. Browse our Look Book for outfit inspiration.

Accessorize for even more outfit options!

Add a new tie, cravat, or perhaps a waistcoat and just like that, you’ve got even more ways to add a new twist to the same garments. We’re not into fast fashion, we’re into supplying high quality, stylish menswear that gents can wear and enjoy for years after purchasing them.

We’re proud of our reputation for always putting our customer first. Just check out our Google Reviews! We’re motivated by your needs, which is why we encourage you to think about investing in one or two three piece suits. It sets you up with an incredible range of options, so that for years to come you can keep swapping and adding to your outfits and getting the best out of each of your garments.  

Book in for your free consultation today and let Astares find you that outfit.