Wedding Consultations

When it comes to your wedding, we understand there is a lot more than just choosing a suit. Our video explains more about our service to you.

Frequently asked Questions

When should I come in for my initial consultation and who should I bring?

We would advise coming in once you are ready to commit to your wedding suits. This will vary between couples.

The reason we say once you are ready, is that the styles and current suit lines change periodically. Should you find a suit you love, and then wait a few months, you may no longer be able to select that suit. 

As a guide we recommend once you are under the year mark until your big day is a good time to start the process. 

When coming in for your initial consultation, we always recommend bringing your partner or one other person whose opinion you trust.

It’s not a problem coming in at short notice, just be aware that the options available may be reduced especially if you are looking to size a groom’s party.

What happens after my consultation? ?

After the initial consultation we will send you some quotes of the wedding suits and outfits you decided on during your appointment.

We would require a deposit of 30% to confirm the order. Once this deposit is paid, you are welcome to book in your groomsmen for their first suit fitting. This will vary between hire wear and purchase. Our video on the wedding service will help fully explain this. 

Once we start sizing the guys in their wedding suits, we will then be able to order your purchase items or allocate stock to your party.

Do you offer made to measure suits?

Astares does offer an excellent made to order service. Find out more here .

We do offer a fabulous range of off the peg Mens suits. If you are looking for a bespoke fitting suit, this can be achieved with alterations on an off the peg suit at a fraction of the cost.

When should my guys come in for fittings?

For purchase suits – We advise as soon as you are ready  then we can size them and get them sorted. Ideally if we can have them fitted at least 3- 6 months before the wedding this will ensure there are no issues with any special order items. 

Many couples will get this under way even 12 months before to ensure its all taken care of long before the big day. 

The sooner the guys come in for fittings the better. Items can sometimes go on back order. This could be anywhere between 1 week and 3 months, so we do not like to leave anything to chance.


For Hire Suits – We advise the guys attend a fitting around 2 months before the wedding. This allows for stock to be reserved and allocated for them and is minimal time for them to chance size prior to the big day.

What happens if anyone in my party needs alterations on Purcahse Suits

We do not provide alterations in house at Astares. However, our trained staff will be able to advise on what adjustments can and cannot be completed. We can also give a guide on the rough price costing of this.We do recommend a brilliant seamstress that we work with regularly and will take care of you.

One of my groomsmen lives too far away to come in to be fitted, what do I do?

We can accept emailed sizes here at Astares, but we strongly advise against doing this as we cannot guarantee that the sizes will be correct.

We always try to provide a great fitting suit, but without physically trying a garment on there is no way for us to ensure this.

If the guys can come in for fittings, this is always advised.


Purchase suits – If the suit is a special-order item, and it does not fit Astares will not be able to offer an exchange or give a refund if the sizes were ordered without Astares completing the size fittings. Often emailed sizes result in non-fitting garments. This means it’s a big risk you must take when ordering the suit.


Hire Suits – Often emailed sizes result in non-fitting garments. This means it’s a big risk you must take when ordering the suit. If you needed change overs on a suit with emailed sizes, each garment change will cost £6.

When can I collect my suits?

Purchase Suits – As soon as everyone has been fitted, we will order the items in for you. Once all items have been received and are ready for collection, we will be in touch to arrange a suitable time for you to collect.

Once you have confirmed the order and the last guy has been fitted, all items could be ready to collect in as little as one week. Larger orders or special-order items may mean your order will take a little longer. We will always have your suits available with plenty of time before your big day.

Suits must be collected within 14 days of Astares contacting you regarding collection, we cannot hold wedding suits until your wedding as storage space can become an issue.

We strongly advise collecting your wedding suits as soon as they are ready, as everyone will need to try them on and have enough time to source any alterations they may need.


Hire Suits –  The suits will be ready one week prior to the wedding date. This ensures plenty of time to get the guys to try the suits on and make sure everything looks and fits great.