Beyond the “I Do”: Making Your Wedding Suit a Long-Term Investment

Man in his wedding suit

Congratulations! You’ve found your soulmate and planned the wedding of your dreams. But amidst the excitement, a question might linger: what happens to your wedding suit after the big day? 

Many grooms worry about their wedding suit becoming a one-time wear relic. Fear not, gents! A well-chosen suit can be a fantastic investment piece, transitioning seamlessly from your wedding ceremony to countless future events.

Choosing a Versatile Wedding Suit: Style Meets Sustainability

The key to a double-duty wedding suit lies in smart selection. Here are some tips to consider:

  • Classic Style: Opt for timeless silhouettes like a well-tailored two-piece or a three-piece suit. These styles never go out of fashion and can be easily dressed up or down.
  • Neutral Colours: Navy blue, charcoal grey, and black are classic suit colours for a reason. They offer a foundation for various outfits and pair beautifully with a range of accessories. 
  • High-Quality Materials: Invest in a well-made suit crafted from materials designed to last through dry cleaning and wear. Look for fabrics with a good weight and drape that will hold their shape over time. 

Beyond the Wedding Bells: Styling Your Suit for Different Occasions

The beauty of a versatile suit lies in its adaptability. Here’s how to style your wedding suit for various events:

Wedding Day:

  • Formal All-Day Event: For a sophisticated look, go for the full three-piece ensemble. Pair your suit with a crisp white dress shirt, a classic silk tie in a subtle pattern or solid colour, and a traditional oxford or brogue shoe. 
  • Laid-Back Wedding: Embrace a relaxed elegance. Opt for the two-piece suit and ditch the tie. Elevate the look with a crisp cotton shirt with a button-down collar and derby shoes.

Formal Events:

  • Award Ceremonies/Black-Tie Events: Elevate your suit with a tuxedo shirt, a sharp bow tie in a complementary colour, and maybe a cummerbund for a sophisticated formal outfit. 
  • Race Day: Channel a touch of British flair! Wear the two-piece suit with a contrasting colour waistcoat for a pop of personality. 

Beyond the Formalities:

  • Work Presentations/Cocktail Parties: Unbutton the button of your suit jacket, add a patterned pocket square in a floral or geometric design, and pair it with stylish loafers for a more relaxed yet polished look. 
  • Night Out: Infuse a touch of youthful energy! Ditch the tie altogether and roll up the sleeves of your shirt. Pair the suit with a crisp white t-shirt and sleek trainers or relaxed shoes for a modern twist.
  • Brunches: Maintain a smart-casual vibe. Opt for the two-piece suit and swap the dress pants for a pair of high-quality chinos in a complementary colour. Finish the look with a button-down shirt with rolled sleeves and boat shoes. 

Find Your Perfect Suit at Astares Menswear

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Don’t let your wedding suit become a one-time wonder! With a little planning and styling savvy, you can ensure it becomes a cherished wardrobe staple for years to come.