Dressing Men in Style

Men in style

Now, who doesn’t like being pampered once in a while? An exclusive attendant at your service, solely responsible to dress you up from head to toe. Sounds dreamy and blissful. Yet, this isn’t a dream. Astares Menswear in Hampshire, UK, makes this possible for its each and every single customer.

Nothing less than classy will do

Herbie Frogg Mix and Match Blue Suit
Herbie Frogg Mix and Match Blue Suit

An exclusive store housing formal wear for men, Astares has carved a niche for itself in the men’s apparel industry. Giving men a perfect look for all kinds of formal occasions, a look that defines class and style all the way through. Their costumes fall nothing short of elegance for men of all ages. Whether it’s a three-piece or a two-piece suit for a wedding, or a simple mix-and-match suit that you’re after, you will find an entire range of clothing at the store to meet your personal needs.

Loose fit formal suits for men have given way to slim-fit suits that complement the personality of modern-day men. If you’re looking for stylish mens’ slim fit suits in UK, Astares is the place to be. Besides, there are the timeless tweed and wool suits, which never go out of fashion, formal shirts, jackets, trousers, waistcoats – you name it, they have it. Moreover, from all the top brands too – Herbie Frogg, Cavani, Liberty London, and more. Additionally, the wide range of formal men’s accessories perfectly completes your look for the day. You can choose from a huge variety of formal shoes, ties, belts, hats, pocket squares, cufflinks, and pocket watches.

Buy or hire – entirely your choice

Brendan wine 3 pc suit
Brendan wine 3 pc suit

Buying for every occasion that you need to be a part of may not always be economical on the pocket. Yet, there is a need to look good and different from the crowd. Astares understands this need and provides you the flexibility to even hire formal wear for a specific occasion at some of the best price deals. So whether you need an outfit to wear on your own wedding or of a close friend’s, something to set you apart from the rest for an evening party, or a perfect dress to go to the prom, you are sure to find it all in the menswear hire section at Astares.

Exclusive one-on-one service

Astares interior
Astares interior

The best and perhaps the most unique part of the store lies in its exclusive service to its customers – one-to-one, uninterrupted, and distraction-free. To achieve this, the store primarily runs on an appointment-only basis, meaning that you can’t just simply drop in and shop. You need to book a prior appointment with them either over the phone or online, and this is not to inconvenience the customers. On the contrary, it’s meant to value each individual who comes to the store by giving them undivided attention in attending to their needs, understanding their requirement, custom-designing it to their taste, and ensuring that the customer is happy and satisfied at the end of it all.

Free consultations for all you need

Planning for a special day can be quite taxing. In addition, especially when it comes to deciding what to wear, we’re more often than not left confused as to what would make us look special. At Astares, you will find a team of experts ready to help you by offering advice on what would look good on you depending on the occasion, how it would fit you well, and what more you can do to enhance your look for the day. So for example, you’re going to watch a race with friends, the team will provide free consultation on their men’s race day suits variety, helping you to choose the best.

From helping you choose to finally buy or hire the best formal menswear in UK, Astares will guide you until the very end, making sure that you look and feel good on your special day.

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