We’re all about The Groom!

When we talk about an upcoming wedding, we tend to focus on what the bride will be wearing, what her bridesmaids will be wearing and what kind of theme there will be. But … we rarely think about what the Groom will be wearing!

At Astares, we know first hand that a huge number of modern Grooms want to invest thought, time and effort into preparing for their big day. If you’re one of those Grooms, we are here for you. We have an incredible range of suits for purchase and are confident you’ll find your dream outfit here.

We’ve been in the business of suiting and booting Grooms for many years, so we want to share our thoughts on why consultations between the Groom and his outfitter is so important.

So, what’s our process? 


wedding suit for groomFirst of all, if you are coming in as a Groom and have a wedding planned, we strongly recommend booking your first consultation with us at least 9 months in advance. This takes the pressure off you and allows us plenty of time to order items in if necessary and make sure everything is exactly as you want it in advance of your big day.

We operate on an appointment only basis, so the first step is to give us a call so that we can book you in. This allows us to effectively manage the time we can offer to each of our Grooms, which is key to maintaining the exceptional service we’ve become so well known for. 


We ask that you bring either your partner, or a close family member or friend that you trust – but just one, please. We also ask that no children attend the consultation as we want to be able to focus exclusively on creating the best outfit possible, and it can be rather dull for little ones!


Appointments last between 1.5 – 2 hours, and believe us when we say the time flies by. We’ll start by getting to know more about you and your partner – do you have a particular aesthetic? What colours are important? Is there a theme? Is a venue organised?  Maybe you both love vintage, or perhaps you’re into surfing, or maybe you’re both into gothic music and want an all black theme, or you might want the classic look! Whatever you’re into, we want to support your passions and let them shine through on your wedding day. We value our customer’s individuality, so don’t be afraid to share your plans so that we can find you the best look available. 



wedding suit for groom

Next, we’ll go through the suits. We’ll invite you to try them on, discuss what works, what doesn’t, before moving onto ties, shoes and accessories…

Once the appointment is complete, we’ll discuss the next steps involved and prepare a quote for you. This quote will be provided to you via email, and a deposit will be required once the quote has been accepted. It’s essential that you look at the quote carefully and let us know if anything needs to be changed. If there’s an item being quoted for that you don’t want included, we can remove it without problem – but you must let us know before the quote is accepted and the 30% deposit is paid. Once you’ve accepted the quote, you agree to our terms and conditions and are expected to cover the costs of items ordered as part of your quote.

It’s such an exciting time and we’re passionate about helping Grooms feel their absolute best on their wedding day! We can’t wait to help you find your perfect outfit, so why not give us a shout today and we’ll get the ball rolling…

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