Button etiquette for the groom? 5 examples of where this curious wedding tradition may have started.

During the many fittings that I’ve done at Astares, with various different grooms, a question I often hear is, ‘Why are we supposed to leave the last button of our waistcoat undone?’

It’s a good question and one that has no less than five possible explanations!


The Porky Prince

Edward VII, Prince of Wales and youngest son of Queen Victoria purportedly became so fat that he was simply unable to fasten the bottom button of his waistcoat. To avoid general humiliation and get his body image back on track, Edward demanded that his court followed suit (pardon the pun) and never do their bottom buttons up either.


The Dashing Dandies

There was once a time when young, spirited dandies would sport not one, but two snazzy waistcoats. (I mean, why wouldn’t you?) To ensure that both waistcoats received suitable levels of admiration, they left the top waistcoat’s bottom button undone so that the one beneath was joyfully visible.


The Comfort Concern

There are few things worse than your waistcoat rising up your chest as you trot around the streets of Chichester atop your trusty steed. Solution? Just leave the bottom button undone, simple!


The Eton Effect

Some say that leaving the bottom button of a waistcoat undone is a tradition that started as an affectation of members of Pop, the exclusive club at Eaton. These over-indulged young bucks would enjoy sauntering around, marking their style with the carefree ‘if I want to leave my bottom button undone, then I shall and pfff to you!’


The Superstition

Good old superstitions, where would we be without them? As with all memorable days, wedding days are steeped in superstition. It is believed that to do the bottom button of your waistcoat up is bad luck, and so many grooms prefer to leave theirs undone!


And there you have it. Five possible explanations to the origins of wedding day button etiquette!

At Astares, I always encourage grooms to do what feels comfortable and makes them feel their best. Afterall, it’s one of the biggest days of their life so to be comfortable and able to fully enjoy it is of paramount importance!