The Perfect Fitting Suit from your Local Suit Hire

As a passionate local suit hire business there is only one thing that makes us mad: a bad fitting suit!

Have you experienced a suit that doesn’t fit well? One that is too tight in places and baggy in others. Did you spend a fortune on hiring or buying the suit, only to discover that is looks more like a bin bag?

This is quite common among men. By getting fitted by a professional you can avoid frustration and feel confident in what you are wear.

Style and fit

What is the difference between style and fit, we hear you ask?

Style and fit are two different things. Style is about the silhouette of the suit. It is the outline of the suit.

There are a variety of silhouettes which range from structured to soft. The variation depends on the canvas used to make the suit jacket. Made with a stiffer canvas to create a firm look, a structured suit usually includes padded shoulders. Whereas, a softer silhouette will use lighter and more subtle canvas.

The fit of a suit is a different beast altogether.

The fit is how the garment sits on your specific body shape. Men come in all shapes and sizes, so getting the perfect suit fit can be a complex endeavour.

There are some simple rules that we follow when fitting our suits which we’d like to share with you.

local suit hire fitting help Suit Hire Fitting Essential Rules

A: The jacket should be giving you a warm hug. The fit should be firm and comfortable with no wrinkles or folds. If there are indentations in sleeve head and collar, then it doesn’t fit right!

B: To get that streamlined stylish look, the suit cuffs should be the correct width. Most suits have wide sleeves, so getting a slimmer fit will ensure that perfect fit.

C: The sleeves of a well fitted suit should never ripple when standing in a relaxed position. They should end just above the wrist and reveal a small part of the shirt cuff.

D: A perfect fitting suit jacket should be a balance of clean and straight lines. There should be no unwanted (or unnecessary) folds or creases. The buttons should do up without having to pull of stretch the jacket. If your jackets rear vents are open, stretched or gaping then the jackets is not right for you.

E: So much can go wrong with suit trousers. They should rise just above the tops of your shoes. The trouser should fall down the leg in a comfortable manner. To get that clean sharp look, suit trousers shouldn’t feel tight and they should never be baggy. And don’t forget to check your crease!

Local Suit Hire Professionals

Your suit needs to be just right, and that is where we can help.

As you local suit hire professionals, we are here to help you get that perfect mens suit to hire for any occasion. Contact us for your free fitting and consultation today.