Get the most out of my 3 Piece Suit


How do you get the most out of your 3 piece suit?


What I really mean is a mans suit is not just for those one off special occasions, your suit is there to be be worn.

So how do you utilise your suit and get the most out of it?

You need to think of mens suits as separate garments. It can be used as a suit of course, but also it can be worn as a jacket or a waistcoat or a pair of trousers.

Most of my customers come into the store looking for a suit for a specific occasion. This can be for a wedding, a raceday, a party (Pre Covid of course) or maybe an interview. They may think about wearing again afterwards for another special occasion but that is usually the most they have considered.

During our consultation in store we ensure that the number one priority is that the suit chosen is right for that occasion and that they feel $100 when they put it on.

However, we also suggest ways that the suit can be used in the future. So for instance if you are looking to purchase a 3 piece tweed suit for the occasion in question, you need to remember that the suit is now part of your wardrobe staples.

Cavani Albert Grey Tweed Effect Suit

DO NOT leave it and keep it for ‘BEST’ !

By this I mean only wear it for special occasions as a suit.

Although it is great to keep the suit in immaculate condition, it is most likely it will just be in great nick when you give it away in a few years.

DO – Use the suit as a suit and as separate garments in your wardrobe.

So you are off to the pub for a nice meal and want to smarten up that white shirt and jeans, pop on the suit jacket.

You are going for day out in the city and you want another layer and to look smart, why not wear the waistcoat with a pair of chinos and a shirt.

When you go to other occasions that call for the 3 piece suit, why not mix it up and put a different colored waistcoat underneath.

As long as the colours go together, just experiment in your wardrobe and you will find new outfits.

This photo shows the suit as a formal 3 piece suit but also wearing the jacket more casually with a pair of chinos. You could also try the two piece, Jacket and Waistcoat with a pair of jeans and no tie. 

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Get the most out of your 3 piece suit