Grooms: How to prepare for your wedding

Enjoy the process of finding the perfect suit for you and your groomsmen. 


Are you getting married in 2019? 

Yes? Well, be sure to read what follows, it’ll make all the difference!


Take control

What we mean by this is take control of the wedding prep that relates to you – specifically, choosing your suit and suits for your groomsmen.

Although your partner will likely be involved in choosing the suits to be worn at your wedding, there is the opportunity of lightening their load by managing the hire or purchase of your wedding suit.


Be organised

We all know that being prepared and organised can make the difference between a relaxed, enjoyable experience and a not-so-relaxed or enjoyable experience! If you’re planning on getting married in 2019, be sure to get those key dates and decisions in the diary early.


Hire or purchase your wedding suit from Astares

We have years of experience helping gents find their dream look and understand how important looking and feeling your best is on your wedding day. The most obvious starting point is, you’ve guessed it, finding the perfect suit for the groom! The groomsmen’s outfits can then be built around the style and colours of the grooms suit.


Team with the theme

You may know the style and colour of suit you want to wear, but does it fit your bride’s vision, the wedding theme, and the venue? Making sure that each element of your day teams with the theme is key to creating a long lasting ‘WOW!’ factor.

Here at Astares, we know how important it is to involve your bride in suit-related decision making, having helped countless grooms find their perfect suit. Your bride will soon let you know if your choice doesn’t fit the theme!

Things to consider include whether the suit compliments the colours being worn by your bride and her bridesmaids, whether it fits with the feel of your venue (is it formal? Rustic?), how about the event dressers and florists? You see, there’s a lot to think about before you decide on your perfect wedding suit! (Fear not, we can help you every step of the way.)


Getting your groomsmen suited and booted

Great! With our expert guidance, you’ve found your ideal wedding suit! Next stop? Your groomsmen.

The aim here is simple: To make your groomsmen look fabulous, but not quite as fabulous as you! We want you to remain the focal point. With our stunning, limited edition Herbie Frogg suits available for purchase and our fantastic range of wedding suits for hire, we’ll help you look every bit the handsome groom you’re destined to be.


A little present from us!

We love Love! To celebrate your upcoming wedding, we’d like to offer you £25 off any purchase suit when your bride purchases her wedding dress from Mousetrap.

Simply bring the promotion flyer with you (available in store at Mousetrap) and show it to one of our lovely team!


Book a free consultation

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Photo by Lou Osbourne Photography