Groomsman / Groomspeople Etiquette: What You Should Do On The Big Day

Groomsman / Groomspeople Etiquette: What You Should Do On The Big Day

Groomsman / Groomspeople Etiquette: What You Should Do On The Big Day


Being asked to be part of someone’s big day is a wonderful moment and is your chance to show them how much they mean to you. However, it also means that you will have specific duties on the day designed to help the smooth running of the wedding and celebrations afterwards.

If you have never been a groomsman before and are feeling a little nervous about what you need to do and how you should act in the run-up to the wedding, we have taken a look at some top etiquette tips:


1) Keep your jacket on

This is a very important tip to keep in mind throughout the wedding day. The bride and groom will have spent a lot of time picking out the groomsman suits, so it is important that you are looking your best, especially during the ceremony. That is why you should keep your jacket on until you see the groom remove his.


2) Turn Up

This is another major etiquette tip to remember. Having someone ask you to be part of their groomsparty is a big honour. That is why you need to make sure that you are turning up to all pre-wedding events that you are asked to. Whether it’s suit fitting or a meal before the big day, you should be in attendance at them all.


3) Be a guide 

On the big day itself, your duty will be to act as a guide for other attendees. Make sure that you know what the running order is, the layout of the venue, and what the couple’s dos and don’ts are for the day.


4) Reserve the front seats

Part of your duties will be to ensure that the bride and groom’s family can see the ceremony clearly. That is why you should make sure that you are reserving the front seats for their members.


5) Give a speech if asked

Chances are, as part of the groomsparty you may also be asked to give a speech. If you are asked, make sure you accept and spend time preparing the best speech that you can.


6) Get the party going!

Your duties don’t end at the ceremony. Another important part of any groomperson’s duties is making sure you get the party started! When the time comes, make sure that you are the first on the dancefloor and encourage other guests to get up and dance.


7) Store any gifts

If guests bring any gifts to the day, make sure that you move them to somewhere safe so that the bride and groom can pick them up the next day.


8) Be there to support

Finally, make sure that you are there to provide support and advice to the groom as needed. A wedding day can be a very nerve-wracking and emotional time, so give your friend the love and support they need.


Beginning to plan your big day?

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