Herbie Frogg Suits

Legendary menswear at Astares


Why Herbie Frogg?

Herbie Frogg is the epitome of style, design expertise and top quality fabrics. Here at Astares, we offer a beautiful range but be warned – each suit is a limited edition, so if you love it, buy it before somebody else does!

If you require a few alterations, Herbie Frogg suits lend themselves well to being worked on by a seamstress. The result? A perfectly tailored suit, just for you.


Origins: Who started the Herbie Frogg brand?

Back in 1969, a chap named Geoffrey Klass founded the now legendary menswear brand, Herbie Frogg. As a highly acclaimed menswear boutique retailer in London, Herbie Frogg had flagship stores in both Mayfair and Knightsbridge. Swanky, hey?


What makes Herbie Frogg so distinctive?

Herbie Frogg suits are famed for their incredible attention to detail. There’s no mistaking the impeccable stitching, immaculate buttonholes and stunning tailoring that comes as standard on any Herbie Frogg suit.

Whether it’s one of their tailored suits, coats, knitwear, casual wear, shoes or accessories, the Herbie Frogg trademark quality is always striking.


Herbie Frogg’s 50th Anniversary

In 2019, Herbie Frogg will be marking its 50th anniversary with a pioneering signature, premium and affordable fashion range! Keep your eyes peeled, it’s something you won’t want to miss.


Astares recommends Herbie Frogg for weddings

Here at Astares, we have a lot of love for Herbie Frogg. The brand is so fashion forward that you’re always treated to some great cuts and cloths that work together to create a truly cutting edge look.

It’s because of these qualities we are so quick to recommend Herbie Frogg suits to upcoming Grooms. The majority of suits are limited edition which means you instantly cut down the chances of wearing the same suit as somebody else!

When we’re helping a groom choose his outfit, we often find that he’ll choose a stunning Herbie Frogg suit and then purchases a Cavani suit for each of his groomsmen. This presents a more affordable option and allows the groom to really stand out on his special day.


Get fitted for your perfect suit at Astares

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