How to stand out as the groom at your wedding

The stand out groom

It is so important for the groom to feel like the ‘groom’ on his big day. I know this may sound obvious but have you ever attended a wedding and looked at the man getting married and thought …..’meh’

Now there is nothing wrong with a classic plain suit but sometimes you want a little something special.

Also, the groomsmen are important but they are your equivalent of the bridesmaids. We want them there to look good at the wedding but they are not there to steal the limelight. The groomsmen are there to compliment the groom.

The grooms suit

Here at Astares we feel that the grooms suit should be treated the same as the Brides dress at the wedding. The groom should have that ‘WOW’ moment and the feeling of real excitement looking forward to stepping out in his wedding outfit.

The best way to achieve this is for the groom to have a standout feature, or even a standout suit from the rest of the party. You can still coordinate and ensure it works with any overall colour themes, but as a stranger walking past the venue, I should know who the groom is on his big wedding day.

Check out our video where Jez is demonstrating a couple of the ways that we help our grooms look sharpe and stand out.

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