How To Wear Your Tie Clip

Tie Clip

? How to wear your tie clip?

I get asked this question a lot in store. How to wear your tie clip? I carry out one to one appointments with guys looking for suits for all occasions and many of these weddings. The men of course want to look their best. Once we find the suit and tie, we then look to the accessories. Hankies, watches and tie clips. ⠀

Why have a tie clip ❓⠀

Most have a tie clip for aesthetic purposes….they look great and add something extra to your finished outfit. This is especially so if you have a plainer tie. If the tie has a busy pattern, say it is floral and colourful, the tie clip can get a little lost. Where as if the tie is simple, it may look sharp but adding a tie clip can just add something extra to the finish.

The Tie clip also has a functional purpose which is to hold your tie in place. If you are wearing your tie with your jacket open or no jacket at all, the tie clip will stop your tie moving in the wind. The tie will also stay in place if you are leaning over. ⠀The tie clip will help ensure the Tie stays in place,,, that and a good knot.

What size tie clip ❓

As a general rule your tie clip should not be longer than the width of your tie. So in the picture above the tie is around 2.5 – 3 inch wide and the clip around 2 inch. If you were wearing a skinny tie you would look for a clip around 1 inch.⠀

Where should I wear the tie clip ❓⠀

The tie clip should be set using the breast pocket of your jacket as a guide. Set the tie clip about 1-2 inches below the level of the top of the pocket. Having said this, I will move the tie clip up and down until I feel it looks the most impactive.

How to attach the tie clip ❓

The clip should be clamped to the tie and also to the shirt. By clipping to the shirt placket, it will ensure the tie stays in place and fixed to your shirt.

For a more detailed look, do watch the video above.

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