Made to order suits

Made to Order Suits

For a truly special suit, look no further than our made to order personal tailoring service.  Just imagine – a suit that is tailored uniquely for you. 

Whether you’re getting married and want to make your day truly unique or have a special occasion coming up and want to stand out from the crowd, we can help you.

So, say goodbye to uninspiring high street style and say hello to a fabulous, affordable alternative! We’re excited to share this incredible new service with you, so without further ado, here’s what you need to know.

Made to Order at a Glance


Get to ready to fully customise your unique style


  • Prices start at just £299 for a two piece suit and £365 for a 3 piece suit.
  • Choose from a stunning range of cloths.
  • Option to mix it up with different cloths for each garment.
  • Choose from a range of shirts in white, colourful, or patterned options.  
  • Select intricate details such as linings, buttons, meltons, embroidered…
  • Your made to order suit will be delivered in 6-12 weeks from the date of order.
Made to order suits

Your personal tailoring process

Your personal tailoring experience starts with a private, 2 hour appointment with us here at Astares. We’ll run through all the available choices in detail and take your measurements.

We’ll invite you to try on a navy version of the standard cut suit, allowing you to experience first hand the quality and beauty of the fabric available. Throughout the process, we’ll be on hand to answer questions you have.

Next, we’ll discuss your exact specifications. This includes information such as preferences on arm length, leg length, whether you prefer a slim fit, having the waist tailored in or let out, if you’d like the leg fitted, standard, slim or tapered , and any other pieces of information needed at this stage.

Once the measurement specifics have been covered, we’ll move on to the made to order details that’ll really set you apart from the crowd. 

We’ll spend time together looking at the various elements that will combine to create your dream made to order suit. These will include cloth, linings, Melton’s, buttons, piping, pockets and hand-embroided details. This part of the process is a firm favourite with our customers! 

After a final review of all the information, we’ll send it to the amazing team of professional tailors who will get to work creating your new, totally unique suit. 

In as little as 6 weeks time, your suit will be ready to enjoy.


Wedding Options

If you are getting married and would like to create a made to order suit for yourself, we will spend time with you and your partner ensuring the desired look is achieved and carefully coordinated. 

Remember, it’s the groom that should stand out. 

If you’d like to begin the process of creating your own made to order, personally tailored suit, get in touch today to book your fitting. 



Made to order suits