Men’s Online Suit Shopping and Hiring Guide

Men's mix and match suits

Suits often define a man, which is why so much effort goes into picking out the right suit to ensure that the fit is just right and the silhouette compliments a man’s body. Furthermore, suits are an expensive purchases and as such, these purchases need to be carefully thought out. This guide lists a few important suggestions for shopping or hiring men’s mix and match suits, that can prove to be invaluable for any man. Read further to know more.

When to Buy a Suit

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A suit is an expensive purchase, as mentioned above. As such, it does require some thought while buying a suit. When to buy a suit is an important question which requires an answer, as all men do not require suits on a regular basis. A suit may be cheaper to purchase than hire, especially if you need a suit for regular wear. If you find yourself attending multiple black-tie events owing to your profession, if you have an active social life and you are often invited to formal events; you are best served by buying a suit or multiple suits, to look your best at these events. Whether it’s race day menswear or partywear suits, available for purchase online, your decision to go ahead and make a purchase should be guided by your need for a suit on a regular basis.


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Once you buy a suit, it does not mean you have to wait for a black-tie event to enjoy wearing it. Styling your suit just right can ensure that you can enjoy wearing your suit on less formal occasions. For example, you could opt to wear the jacket component of a suit with jeans, for a stylish yet casual look that you can pull off almost anywhere.

Men’s wedding suits to buy online are distinctively different than suits you would wear at an office meeting or a black-tie affair. Bear this in mind while buying suits for occasions of personal importance, such as your wedding or that of a friend or family member.

When to Hire

Consider hiring a suit only when you have enough reason to believe that you will not need a suit on a regular basis. As mentioned, prior; a one-time suit purchase is likely to cost you less over a period of time, especially if you need to hire suits multiple times. However, if your suit is going to be a one-time wear, hiring is a practical alternative to purchase.

When hiring men’s suits keep the above styling tips in mind while also ensuring that you take good care of the suit that has been lent to you temporarily. Hiring suits online is also a possibility, just like buying suits online is. However, for the perfect fit and the perfect look; we strongly advise hiring from in store.

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Suits Hiring and Purchase Online

For both hiring in store or purchasing a suit online; you can rely on the rental and retail services at www.astares.co.uk. This rental and retail portal, specializes in suits of all kinds, for all age ranges. Astares specializes in bespoke suits for purchase and serves men and boys of all ages. Additionally, Astares specializes in practical services that allow you to rent a suit, especially if you do not need it for multiple wears.

It is easy to see how this online rental and retail service retains its popularity in the UK over many years. Astares is truly UK’s one stop shop for men’s suits retail and hire, with an emphasis on great value for your money.