Does Going the Extra Mile Suit You?

Location, Location, Location?

When it comes to weddings, you would drive to the ends of the earth to find the perfect wedding dress. Would you look for a suit hire in Havant if you were from Chichester?

Knowing that a certain brand provides the best service is always a draw for customers. So does the location of a shop or brand matter? Would you choose to drive that extra mile to get the best service?

Taking The Leap

Mousetrap Dress Boutique recently relocated from their shop in Chichester. The move to Havant is a perfect example of a brand identity that is not defined by their location.

The new store in Havant is in the perfect place for those customers travelling from distance. Situated in the heart of Havant, the store is a 5 minute walk from the train station and a 2 minute drive from the A27.

Mousetrap have never looked back and enjoy a larger, more luxurious shop. Their customer service, product range and experience is what matters to their customers.

Mousetrap Dress Boutique

Suit Hire In Havant?

Mousetrap’s recent move to Havant got us thinking: where do our customers come from?

We meet and serve a wide range of customers, all with different needs. We are always happy knowing that people are willing to make the extra effort to come to us.

We noticed that many of our customers are from Havant. This was pleasing to know. It confirmed the Astares brand is strong enough to draw people from outside of our store location.

There are places for suit hire close to Havant, but people still choose to come to us. Our knowledge of suits and our customer service are things we are proud of.

Thank You

This is a good opportunity for us to thank you, the customer, for all your support. Astares started in January 2015 and has grown thanks to your continuing support.

So, whether you are from Portsmouth, Havant or Havana we are here for you.

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