Suits Styling Tips for Men and Boys of All Ages

Whether it’s Cavani suits or Armani suits; it is important that you wear a suit that is age appropriate when dressing your best for special occasions. Bearing this in mind, listed and detailed below are invaluable suits styling tips for men and boys of all ages. Read further to know more.

Suits for Middle-Aged and Older Men

Most middle-aged and older men have a distinctive heavyset body type. As such, these men are required to dress in an age appropriate manner. These rules for attire also extend to suits and tuxedos for men.

Middle-aged and older men are best served by silhouettes and colors that match their body type. A slim fit party suit may not be ideal, especially if you are not in the best shape. Neither is a boxy and baggy suit ideal, if you do not wish to look bigger in size, than you are. The idea is finding a balance with the right silhouette that compliments your body type. Similarly, colors also matter.

Traditional colors work well for middle-aged and older men and the color palette to go with, is often shades of darker blue, black and darker greys. These colors have a slimming effect, and work better than lighter shades when you wish to downplay a heavier physique.

Unfortunately, newer trends like pastel colors and lighter shades do not always work well on middle-aged and older men with larger body types, and dressing age appropriate can mean that you stick to suits in traditional colors.

Suits for Young Adults

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Young adults, or men in their twenties and thirties enjoy greater flexibility when it comes to suits silhouettes and colors, especially so if you have a lean and fit frame.

Younger men are free to experiment with suits in pastel shades and a lean and fit frame is perfect for carrying of a slim fit partywear suit. It must be noted though, that official functions such as a business meeting or black-tie event will call for traditional colors such as darker blues, black and greys, while pastel shades and lighter colors will mark you as the odd one out.

Younger men also enjoy greater freedom when it comes to accessorizing a suit; as such pocket squares, slim ties and bowties, are all great looks for men in their twenties and early thirties.

Suits for Young Boys

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Wearing suits is not just limited to adult men. On special occasions even toddlers and teenagers may be required to wear suits to match the dress code. This especially applies to family events such as weddings and funerals, wherein a suit is the appropriate menswear.

Fortunately, there is no dearth of suits for toddlers and teenagers, though it is often left to parents to make purchase choices for their wards. As such, parents should consider suits for toddlers and teenagers for special occasions and family events.

For toddlers, suits could be a welcome change at family events such as weddings and anniversaries, especially so if your little boy is to serve as pageboy or even is simply a wedding guest. Time will fly fast and your little boy will be grown up soon, capture his toddler years in photographs, wearing cute suits at family events and special occasions.

Suits for toddlers needn’t be inconvenient, especially when they come with an elasticated back for nappies. Suits for toddlers and teenagers at christenings, proms and graduation ceremonies make for great keepsakes and can even be passed down to younger siblings. As such, these are worthy purchases.

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