The Average Cost for a Wedding Suit Hire

It’s no secret that weddings can be expensive affairs.

The stately venues, the classic cars and the catering can add thousands to your wedding bill.

There is no real average cost to a wedding. Everyone is different, so everyone has different expectations of what their special day should include. One thing that will always be necessary though, is the bridal gown and the groom’s suit!

So, how much does it cost to hire a wedding suit?

At Astares, we’re passionate about helping grooms find their perfect wedding suit. The average cost of wedding suit hire at Astares is incredibly competitive, affordable and flexible. Choosing your outfit for one of the biggest days of your life should be a fun, exciting and confidence-boosting experience. Happily, we’re experts at making sure that every one of these boxes gets ticked!

The Stylish Mens Wedding Suit

The groom tends to play things safe when it comes to wedding attire. We all know that the bride should be taking centre stage, and rightly so hey chaps?! This usually makes hiring a wedding suit a far simpler affair than finding a wedding dress.

Men can look very smart and handsome in suits that have subtle flourishes and quality materials. We offer four stylish wedding lounge suits for hire which come in a variety of colours; a charcoal wedding tailcoat suit can be a perfect canvas to let your dazzling bride shine and standout at the alter.

Photograph of a Blue slim fit lounge suit with matching waistcoat
Blue Slim Fit Wedding Lounge Suit

The average cost for this Royal Blue Lounge Wedding Suit is £140. Bargain!

Traditional Mens Suits for Weddings

The more traditional wedding suit to hire is the Tailcoat Suit. These suits make an impact, especially when you and your entourage are wearing matching purple waistcoats!

The Tailcoat Suits look great with cravats, which can add a vibrant touch of colour. We have huge variety, so why not pick some for you and your best man, or perhaps match the colour of your bride’s eyes…it all depends on how romantic you are!

A photograph of a Cravats in many colours
A rainbow of cravats

Wedding suit hire for Havant, Chichester, Worthing and Portsmouth

Our studio is based in Havant. To help with your wedding budget we offer free, no obligation consultations and fittings.

So, is there an average cost for a wedding suit hire?

To help with your wedding budgeting, we provide an estimated average cost to hire a suit at £140. This price is inclusive of shoes and accessories, along with a simple promise of making you look your best on your wedding day.

Our special offer will help with the cost of your wedding,  when you hire 5 suits you get one outfit free*!

If you’re considering hiring a wedding suit, contact us today!

*Cheapest suit free.