The Groom’s Party: How to make an impact!

So, your bride has chosen her dream dress and her bridesmaids are sorted. Their dresses will be matching – beautiful but sensitively chosen – so as not to outshine the bride on her big day.

You’re up next: The Groom.

Exciting stuff, hey?

In the same way the bride needs to be surrounded by outfits that compliment – but not detract from – her glorious dress, so the groom needs to be surrounded by his groomsmen in carefully considered, complimentary outfits. Let’s take a look at how to achieve this…


Coordination is key, which means first considering colour. There are two ways to approach this:

  1. The groom and groomsmen all wear the same colour, but the groom is highlighted by changing one key element – perhaps a different colour waistcoat or cravat.
  2. The groom wears a totally different – but complementary – outfit, with the groom’s party wearing harmonising suits.

But wait! Not only do you need to consider how you and your groomsmen will look alongside each other, you also need to think about your bride and her bridesmaids.

Clashing with key members of the wedding ensemble is not a good look!

To avoid the dreaded clash, have a think about the bride’s colour scheme and then try shadowing similar shades or perhaps accenting specific colour details. These may seem like small, subtle adjustments, but believe us, getting this right will make all the difference.


Weddings are about as grand an event as you’re likely to get, and often, this means people go somewhat overboard when it comes to accessories. Please, don’t be one of them!

The right accessories can transform your look into something absolutely stunning. As with so many things in life, it’s often the little touches that turn something good into something fabulous. This is certainly true when it comes to wedding attire, but it’s important to know when to stop.

An experienced menswear store will know just the right accessory to accompany your look – whether it be a handkerchief for the groomsmens’ top pocket or a beautiful pair of cufflinks; striking the balance is crucial.

In some instances, the accessories may be so subtle (for example, the cufflinks just mentioned), that the guests can’t quite pinpoint what it is that’s bringing the groom’s party look together so effectively, but they’ll know it’s something and be impressed regardless!


Sounds obvious, but it’s so important! If the groom and his groomsmen aren’t feeling comfortable or suitably dashing, then they’re not going to enjoy what should be an unforgettable day. By going to a professional menswear store, you’ll enjoy one-to-one consultations, expert advice and most importantly, exquisite attire!

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