The Right Menswear for Different Events

Men do not take fashion as seriously as women, and that’s okay. However certain events and occasions call for dressing in a certain manner, and it advisable that men should abide by these dress codes. Failing to do so, can make any man the odd one out in a social setting and can result in unnecessary attention. One way to avoid a menswear fashion faux pau is to update your knowledge on men’s fashion and to make an effort to source and wear the right menswear for different events. The tips and suggestions detailed below are sure to help you in this fashion endeavor.

The Right Fit

Certain events and occasions may demand that you wear a suit. A great suit looks good on almost anyone, but the emphasis always is on getting the right fit and silhouette to match your body type. Men’s suit shops in the UK will almost always have a shopping assistant that can provide you with invaluable insights into which suit looks best on you. However, when you try on multiple options, you are sure to find a suit that hangs just right on your frame. A suit should complement your body type and not the other way around. And as such, getting the right fit when purchasing men’s suits is of primary importance.

Classic Colors

It is quite possible that after purchase and post first wear, you may not get many opportunities to wear a suit or tuxedo, unless you find yourself at black tie events quite often. If your purchase is a suit that you intend to wear on rare occasions, make sure you opt for classic colors that never go out of style.  Recent trends make it so that a salmon pink suit or a mauve suit are very in style at the moment. However, an impulsive purchase such as a pink or mauve suit will not retain its style value a few years or even months down the line. As such, it is best to purchase suits in classic colors such as shades of black, blue and even grey.

The Right Fabrics

Mens Wedding Suit

The fabric of a suit adds to the pleasure of dressing dapper for a special occasion. If you find yourself overwhelmed by a stuffy suit that gets you hot and bothered, it is a pointless purchase. Choose suits stitched from fabrics that suit the climatic and seasonal weather conditions, wherever you are. For example, if you are looking for men’s wedding suits to buy for summer nuptials, choose linen and cotton suits with breathable weaves, that do not lead you to break out in a persistent sweat.

Different Menswear for Different Occasions

Dress according to the occasion or event. A wedding suit is very different from a party suit and a corporate event suit is different from both wedding and party suits. Make your purchase accordingly and look your very best at any event you attend. For example, men’s slim fit three-piece suits could work very well for wedding wear. However, the same would look quite stiff at a party, and the silhouette would be quite informal for a corporate event or business meeting.

Value for Your Money

Suits of any kind are expensive, especially so, if you are looking for the right fit, brand or designer. As such, it is important that you get value for your money, anytime you purchase an expensive suit. Do so by following the simple suggestions listed above and summarized below…

  • Insist on the right fit
  • Choose the right colors
  • Find an appropriate suit for the event you intend to attend

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