Wedding suits: When to start planning

Super organised? Super disorganised? Whether you’re great at planning ahead or struggle to get all your ducks in a row, choosing your wedding suit well in advance of the big day is essential.

So, what’s the first step?

Well, here at Astares, we encourage all our guys to come along – with their bride, or same sex partner – for a free consultation a year in advance of their wedding. That’s right, a year before you plan to tie the knot, pop along with your bride – or groom – and spend some quality time together finding your perfect suit.

Having your bride with you at this first consultation will help your decision making for several reasons. Firstly, she’ll know what colours she (and her bridesmaids) will be wearing. Secondly, you might find that she or your partner like a suit that you really like, but may not have had the confidence to opt for on your own as perhaps you think it’s a bit edgy for their taste. You might be surprised!

But what about the groomsmen?

Your groomsmen will be invited along, with you, after your initial consultation.

Chances are, some, if not all of your groomsmen will have a different taste in suit and because of this, you will likely feel pulled in several directions (this is the reason that they are not present at the first consultation.) For this reason alone, it’s vital that you and your partner have plenty of time to consider your options and make a decision before the groomsmen become involved. Remember, this is your wedding day. You call the shots when it comes to how you – and your groomsmen dress. Once you’re both happy with your choice, you can invite the guys along for a fitting!

Due to the nature of organising a group (herding cats springs to mind … !), it can be tricky to find a fitting date that all the groomsmen can attend. Astares can provide you with all the support you need and offer a handy online booking system to help avoid the potential chaos of rounding up your groomsmen!

By thinking and planning ahead, you can rest easy in the knowledge that you’ve given yourself plenty of time to get everything just right.

So, if you’ve recently popped the question and want to get your wedding preparation off to a flying start, why not get in touch and book your free consultation today!