Why wedding suit hire is best for your budget

Wedding prep can sometimes feel like a bit of a drain on your finances, not to mention your logistical abilities! These things can lead to stress for guys, but fear not, there are ways to lessen the strain on your wedding budget …

Let’s say you have six groomsmen to suit and boot, that’s quite a task, right? It also represents a hefty lump of your budget. Well, instead of thinking you’ve got to buy all six, why not consider wedding suit hire?

The main advantages of hiring a wedding suit are that it’s much kinder to a budget-conscious wedding planner and also sympathetic to changes in suit size (just in case a groomsmen piles on – or loses – a few pre-wedding pounds!)

When you hire your groomsmen wedding suits from Astares, you can be confident that you’ll be given exceptional service, attention, expertise and support. You can choose from a stunning range of wedding suits and, best of all, if one (or several) of your groomsmen change size, you can simply book another fitting and we’ll take care of it.