Should You Buy Or Hire Your Suit?

Should You Buy Or Hire Your Suit?

Should You Buy Or Hire Your Suit?

Are you wondering whether it is more cost-effective to purchase a suit or hire one? This is a common question that many of our customers have, and while it might seem the more cost-effective choice to hire a suit in the long run, this might not be the case.

To help you make your decision, we thought we would look at the pros and cons of hiring a suit compared to buying one.


Hiring a suit

Although the cost might be more affordable, you will be wearing a suit that has already been worn multiple times. This means that there will likely be signs of wear and tear, while the level or alterations you can enjoy will also be very limited as they need to be reversible to ensure they fit the next customer.

When hiring a suit, you will also likely be limited by the range available, which means you might not be able to get that dream suit for your occasion.


Buying a suit

When it comes to buying a suit, the cost will naturally be higher. However, you will be able to wear this suit multiple times, which means it will not take long to become more cost-effective compared to hiring.

When buying a suit, you will also be able to enjoy a greater style range as well as have it tailored to perfectly fit your body, leaving you looking and feeling great!


In need of a new suit?

If you are looking for a new suit to purchase, then Astares is here to help you. We have a wide range of suits to buy, and our highly experienced team will help guide you through the process to ensure you can find a stunning suit no matter the occasion.


You can view our collection online now or come and visit us in-store to find out more.