Celebrating our wonderful new shop and fabulous customers!

In January 2017, Astares will be 2 years old. Where has the time gone?

We’ve loved every second of its growth and development and are thrilled to have launched our new shop in Havant. In this blog, we want to share a little bit more with you about why we started this business and what it means to us.

Astares was born after I identified a gap in the market (that old chestnut…!) Me and my partner, Ruth (who is also my business partner), had visited a couple of places while on the quest to find a suit to hire. Sadly, both experiences left us reeling from how poor the customer service was.

As it turned out, we weren’t alone. After speaking to numerous people and telling them about our experience, we realised that these issues crop up time and again; lack of attention, care, expertise and passion…all the things you really want (and expect) on your wedding day or significant occasion.

Given that the majority of wedding parties do opt to hire a suit instead of buying, it amazed me that the customer experience when hiring a suit was so famously bad.

So, we set about to transform the industry standard.


We decided to model our business around the wedding dress fitting service that a bride receives. For most women, this element of wedding preparation is the most important, most exciting and most sacred process involved.

Why shouldn’t the groom expect the same? (Answer: They should!)

For us, the most important driving force behind Astares is our genuine desire to make a real difference to people on their special day. We offer gents a free consultation and provide un-rushed, focused time in which the groom can talk through his ideas and gain expert guidance from people who really care about getting it right.

The future looks dapper…

Having recently opened the first official ‘brick and mortar’ shop in Havant, we’ve been delighted by the feedback and support from people. Not only does this new shop offer the incredible range of suits for hire that people have come to know and love, it also now houses some fabulous suits to purchase! So, if you really fall in love with a suit and can’t bear the prospect of ever having to take it off…fear not, you can buy one and enjoy wearing it again and again.

Ultimately, our greatest hope for the future of Astares is that we can continue to grow – perhaps acquire a second shop so that we can outfit even more gents for their special day – and continue to do what we love; helping people feel as good as they can about themselves. Everybody deserves to feel special!

If you have a special event coming up and need some friendly, expert advice on how to look your best, why not pop in and see us?