Managing your entourage!

It’s a tricky thing, keeping everyone happy!

A topic of constant amusement and fun in the Astares studio is the different approach and expectations that the bride and groom have towards the process of choosing their outfits for the big day. And of course, not only is there the bride and groom themselves to consider, but also the bridesmaids and groomsmen…

When grooms come to Astares for their first consultation, the bride is also invited to attend. The bride’s involvement at this stage helps to ensure that their man looks good, has the accessories required and that all the boxes are ticked! (Phew)

While the fitting is taking place, conversation often turns to whether the groom will be present when his bride is choosing her dress and accessories. There is usually a brief silence, followed by something along the lines of, ‘Ha! Not a chance!’

Brides will usually have their mothers or girlfriends present at every stage of the fitting process, whereas the grooms will often be by themselves, or accompanied by a pal.

When attention turns to the groomsmen, generally, they do as they’re told! From our experience here at Astares, once the groom’s outfit and accessories are decided on, the groomsmen essentially wear whatever they’re given. Not so when it comes to the bridesmaids! When we speak with brides-to-be who have accompanied their grooms to the first fitting, time and again they cite one of the most stressful elements involved in planning their wedding is making sure that all the bridesmaids are happy with what they’ll be wearing. Especially if there are several bridesmaids, all of differing temperaments, styles and sizes…eeeek! 

The sorts of issues that tend to arise for the bride with her bridesmaids is whether the colour and style/cut of dress suits them. Of course, when you have more than one bridesmaid, you increase the chances of a style not suiting all concerned. As far as the groomsmen are concerned, generally they see what the groom is wearing and then follow suit (pardon the pun…) 

Spending time with the grooms and their brides here at Astares is a daily privilege.  Not only do we get to know them as people and be a part of making their special day perfect, but we are also given fascinating and wonderful insights into the way each approaches their fittings and manages their entourage!

At Astares, we go out of our way to ensure that everyone is as comfortable, happy and excited about what they’ll be wearing as possible. If you’re currently planning your big day and would like to hire men’s wedding attire, why not get in touch with us? We’d be delighted to offer you a free consultation!