The Best Way To Shop For Your Wedding Suit

The Best Way To Shop For Your Wedding Suit

The Best Way To Shop For Your Wedding Suit

Are you looking to start shopping for your wedding suit? For grooms, this is one of the biggest requirements of the wedding, and it can be a daunting task. To help make the process as smooth and as straightforward as possible, we thought we would take a look at some of our top tips:


Know your themes

Before you even step foot in the suit shop, make sure you know exactly what colour palette and theme your wedding is. All too often, grooms give us a blank stare when we ask them this question, so make sure that you speak with your partner to ensure you understand the style of suit to pick.


Visit with your partner

Another top tip is to visit with your partner the first time you go to the suit store. Visiting with your grooms’ party often leads to chaos, with some of them pushing for the suits that they prefer but do not match the wedding theme. Instead, visiting with your other half will allow you to pick out your suit in a stress-free environment.


Suiting up your groom’s party  

Once you have found your perfect suit and those for your grooms’ party, then it is time to visit with your friends. This will make the process much quicker and is the perfect time to identify any alterations that need to be made without the stress or heated discussion that can occur trying to do it all together!


Timescales for wedding suit shopping 

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Looking for the perfect wedding suit?

If you are looking for the perfect suit for your wedding, then we here at Astares are here to help you. We offer an extensive collection of modern and stylish suits for any occasion, so check out our range today or come and pay us a visit!