Boys’ Wedding Suits

You and your groomsmen are sorted. You’ve secured some fantastic hire wear suits – or perhaps splashed out and purchased them – and you’re feeling dapper. You’re ready to impress.

But wait! Have you thought about what the smallest members will be wearing?

While the bridal party will be making sure that their youngest members are looking sweet-as-can-be in floating dresses and pretty shoes, you need to make sure that you give equal consideration to the little guys.

Just as with adult formal or occasion wear, you can hire or purchase for kids.

If you visit a men’s formal wear establishment like Astares, you’ll find suits to fit boys as young as a year, all the way up to fifteen years old. The suits available are modern, fitted and stylish, with a comfortable slim fit leg and beautifully soft fabric.

With elasticated waistbands on the younger children’s trousers, you can be sure that the fit will be comfortable and accommodate any pre-wedding growth spurts! In addition to the waistbands, the trouser hem can be let down by nearly 2.5”, offering an extra bit of wiggle-room.

The cost of children’s hire wear is very similar to the cost of purchasing. This is due to the outstanding quality of the hire wear garments. Because of this, purchasing is often the most cost-effective option, as you then own a great quality item that can be kept as a keepsake, passed down to a sibling or sold at a later date.

Here at Astares, we’re delighted to be able to offer our customers a fantastic range of children’s sizes. We’re often thanked for accommodating boys as young as a year old, as it can be surprisingly difficult to find suits to fit this age. If you have a young child who will be standing with his big brother at the ceremony, it’s important that you can find a suit which will fit both.

Prices for purchasing range from £75 for a 3-piece suit, increasing to £100 for the older boys. For more information, please give us a call or contact us through the website. We’re always happy to help!